Volvo FH 540 Truck – 2017 Volvo Fh 540 6×2 Truck

Volvo FH 540 Truck, information about on our website. If you’re looking for a new truck, a Volvo FH 540 6×2 might be the perfect option for you. This truck was designed with urban environments in mind, offering versatility in distribution and municipal service duties. Additionally, it’s built with exceptional durability and is highly customizable. Here are some of the best features of this truck. Find out more about this truck below. Its high ground clearance and low overall weight make it a great choice for work or pleasure.

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Volvo FH 540 Truck

Volvo FH 540 Truck the D12A engine is one of the largest engine projects since the 1950s. This engine is based on direct injection in-line six diesel engines, but with a more sophisticated valve system and fuel delivery. It’s built at a special factory in Skovde, Denmark, and is fully automated. The D12A engine is a powerful choice for hauling goods. Its high torque makes it ideal for local distribution and construction work, as well as long-haul duties.

The new Volvo FH 540 truck is built on a new era in Volvo’s history. In addition to having one of the strongest engines in the FH-series, the FH 540 boasts 540 horsepower and 1,918 lb-ft of torque. The FH 540 truck features a 13-liter diesel engine that meets Euro 6 emissions standards. Despite these features, the FH 540 was initially marketed with only 360 hp and 380 Nm. However, with the DTE Systems tuning, the FH 540 could deliver as much as 636 hp, 3,036 Nm, and 2,239 lb of torque.

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Volvo FH 540 6×2

Volvo FH 540 6×2, Aylestone Transport has taken delivery of a new Volvo FH 540 tractor unit. This truck is a 6×2 pusher axle tractor unit with a full air suspension. The truck has been custom-built by Volvo Truck and Bus Centre South & East and features six different option packages. The new truck will be used for bulk waste transportation. It is partnered with a BMI ejector trailer that is powered by a donkey engine.

Despite its heavyweight, the Volvo FH 540 6×2 truck has a streamlined design that is both functional and attractive. This truck is designed for maximum efficiency in hauling and haulage operations. This truck is designed for comfort and ease of use and is equipped with many features to make it a superior choice for your business. You can find the right truck for your needs at a Volvo dealership near you. And, of course, you’ll be glad you chose the Volvo FH 540 truck.

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2017 Volvo Fh 540 Truck

2017 Volvo Fh 540 Truck, despite its hybrid configuration, the FE Hybrid offers the same ease of use as a regular truck. The FE Hybrid also includes automatic gear changing with Volvo’s I-Shift transmission. It is the first series-manufactured hybrid truck. So what are you waiting for? Get yours today. They’re worth the money! They are a great choice for transporting anything.

Another great feature of the 2017 Volvo FH 540 truck is its extreme performance. One of the latest promotional videos features a flying man on a paraglider while the truck stays at a steady speed. In this video, the truck also manages to stay in the air while the flying man ascends and descends. The stunt took place in the Dinaric Alps, a mountainous region that spans parts of Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegograd, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Serbia.

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Volvo FH 540 Truck Review and Specs

The Volvo FH 540 trucks feature a powerful cab and a variety of creature comforts. These trucks are built with advanced engines and ample axle configurations. The Volvo FH 540 can be a practical companion when traveling across the country. And the Volvo FH 540 truck has an impressive track record in international business. So, if you’re planning to purchase a used truck, it’s wise to choose a used FH instead of a new one.

The FH cab is 150mm longer than its predecessor. Its flat floor, wider doors, and redesigned air intake reduce blind spots and improve airflow. The cab’s easy-to-use controls and well-labeled dashboard make it easy to navigate. The interior features a new steering wheel with a phone speaker and controls. The driver can adjust the speed and choose which gauges he wants to stay on his screen.

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