S10 Drag Truck *2022 1ST, 2ND Gen S10 Drag Truck Build!!

S10 Drag Truck information is on here. When you’re looking for a drag car that will turn heads, consider a 1st generation S10 drag truck. These trucks have been a popular choice among drag racers for over a decade. The S-10 is a sturdy vehicle, built with a tube-framed chassis, carbon fiber body, and massive drag radials. Although Hobbs has only had a small amount of experience driving drag trucks, he has managed to make it to the semi-finals of drag racing competitions. Unfortunately, his drag truck had transmission line failure and had to be withdrawn from the competition.

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S10 Drag Truck

S10 Drag Truck, JConcepts has created a drag racing body for the 2002 Chevy S10 pickup truck. The body features an aerodynamic design with a low drag coefficient. It is a mid-size pickup with lowered hood and raised bed. Despite being a mid-size pickup, the S10 looks like a muscle truck. Designed by JConcepts, it is the perfect combination of a race truck and a mid-sized pickup.

A Chevy S10 drag truck has several benefits: it is small enough to fit into tight spaces, cheap to own, easy to modify, and extremely fast. In fact, Landon Hobbs, a YouTuber, drives an S-10 drag truck with a heavily modified V-8 that produces 3000 horsepower. His YouTube channel, 1320video, also features other insane drag trucks and builds. For more information on this car, visit his site today.

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1ST Gen S10 Drag Truck

Chevrolet 1ST gen S10 drag truck body is the most commonly used pickup truck body in drag racing. Its lightweight design and compact dimensions help it punch a small hole in the air. Moreover, it can easily accept small-block or LS swaps. In addition to that, the truck looks great on the dirt, so it is often chosen as a drag truck body for competition. The first generation of S10 pickup trucks never received much attention, but now they are back in the spotlight, thanks to their high-powered engines and smooth performance.

The S10 truck was never marketed as a performance truck, but now, it can easily convert to a five-second drag truck if it’s properly customized. Besides that, the 1980s weren’t good for American cars. The Dodge Charger was a rebadged Mitsubishi, and the Buick GNX had only 300 horsepower. So, the S10 has a lot of room to grow, and it has a 4.3-liter Vortec V6 engine that can deliver high-end power.

S10 Drag Truck Build

I am planning on building an S10 drag truck build and am looking for advice on where to spend my money. I have a 2001 short box with an aluminum headed 350 and a turbo 400 trans that has a 3200rpm stall. I’m going to use a stance kit and will probably strip the hood and inner fender wells to reduce weight. I will also go with a ford 8.8 rear end and 3-way adjustable shocks.

For the body, I’m planning to use the JConcepts S-10 body. It comes with a heavy hood scoop and a 13″ wheelbase, which is ideal for a drag truck build. The body also has fender flares that are built into the rocker panel, which leave the rear end open enough for drag racing tires. The body set also comes with JConcepts Hotties and paint masks for all windows.

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S10 Drag Trucks

When it comes to drag racing, the Chevrolet S10 pickup truck body is one of the most popular body types available. It is lightweight and punches a small hole in the air while being durable enough to handle LS and small block swaps. The S10 is also an aesthetically pleasing vehicle that looks great in the dirt. For more information, visit the S10 drag trucks website. You can also read our article to learn more about this iconic drag truck.

The original Chevrolet S10 was produced from 1962 to 1993 and achieved high popularity both domestically and internationally. It was replaced by the second-generation S-10 in the 1994 calendar year, which dropped the dash between the “S” and the “10.” This model shared the GM GMT325 platform but featured a new aerodynamic body design. The S-10 also spawned a region-specific variant in South America called the Isuzu Hombre, which was sold in North America.

2nd Gen S10 Drag Truck

For the most part, this vehicle is built on a rear-drive chassis. As such, there are many positives about it. The truck has plenty of space under the hood and virtually unlimited parts. However, its lack of traction has made it less desirable than its drag-ready cousins. Here are some tips for making a drag-ready S10:

A Chevy S10 drag truck with a turbocharged engine is a great choice if you want to win a big race. Its twin 98-millimeter Precision turbochargers and 620 cubic-inch Brodix block with ProLine heads are impressive. It also comes with a trailer. In addition to proving itself in drag racing, the S10 has won numerous competitions, including the No Prep Kings. Big Chief and Daddy Dave have both lost their races to the S10, so a drag truck with a turbocharged engine has the edge.

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