Renault Trucks Manresa – Optiview Technology, Remote Support and Optimum Ergonomics

Renault Trucks Manresa you can find the latest information about in this article. You can also learn about the Optiview technology, Remote support, warranty part inspections, and Optimum ergonomics. Optimum ergonomics and a spacious waiting area help you get the best service from the Renault Trucks Manresa. However, if you are unsure about the best service for your truck, you can always visit the dealership in person.

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Optiview technology at the Renault Trucks Manresa

Optiview is a remote expert collaboration and augmented reality system that has been installed on several Renault Trucks models. The system utilizes a real-time video stream powered by Librestream’s Onsight remote expert software, a real-wear HMT-1 head-mounted tablet, and a computer. Its purpose is to increase workshop productivity by allowing technicians to collaborate on live video, make notes, and draw on the screen. It can also help with equipment diagnosis and warranty claims, as technicians can collaborate remotely with the technical support team.

Remote support at the Renault Trucks Manresa

Remote support for Renault trucks Manresa has many benefits. For one, it has significantly reduced the number of in-person warranty part inspections. This is an important benefit because it reduces emissions, and onsite visits are much quicker. Furthermore, hands-free remote support means more uptime for truck operators and lower warranty claims. But how can remote support for Renault trucks help you? Read on to find out. We’ve put together some tips to help you get the most out of remote support for Renault trucks.

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In-person warranty part inspections

A Performance Maxi Contact is an extended warranty covering the entire truck, including the chassis, cab, and driveline. The Extended Service Contract provides roadside assistance for warrantable failures. It is a cost-effective way to maintain your truck, as it allows qualified technicians to conduct routine inspections. Regular service inspections prevent costly problems from developing. With this service, your vehicle’s parts can be repaired as they break, which is also more environmentally friendly.

Optimum ergonomics

The optimum ergonomics of a truck is crucial to a truck’s usability. The design team at Renault Trucks focused on the interior cab and exterior lines of the truck. The goal of the project was to develop a truck that blends in with the urban environment. The new design will increase comfort and safety for the driver and city dwellers alike. This article will cover the key factors to consider when designing a truck to be ergonomically designed.

New electric heavy truck prototype

To test the effectiveness of the new electric technology, Renault Trucks is teaming up with French state railroad company SNCF and the freight division Geodis to develop an electric 16-ton truck. The new truck will be comparable to diesel-powered trucks in price and will be built for urban delivery traffic. The truck is scheduled to go on trial in Paris in 2023. It will be studied to determine its comfort, practicality, and recharging time.


Motor Tarrega Trucks Manresa has a modern workshop where you can take care of your vehicle. The service of the motor truck includes Venda, tacgraf, and blogger, as well as disposing of the drivers’ service. In the waiting area, you can enjoy a cuina or duties. A spacious waiting room also provides the drivers with a comfortable place to wait.

Renault Trucks’ HQ in Lyon, France

The new R&D center at Renault Trucks’ European headquarters in Lyon, France, will house more than 1,000 engineers and researchers. The company currently employs about 1,400 people in Lyon. The new center will facilitate interaction between employees and will allow research and development projects to be completed quicker. The new facility will also accommodate Purchasing teams. The goal is to make the facility one of the top 10 research and development centres in France.

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