Mercedes Arocs Specs

Listed below are the specs for the Mercedes arocs. These specs include the powertrain, safety systems, and features, including a turbo retarder clutch and mirrorless camera system. Let’s get started. In this article, we’ll cover the main features of the Arocs. To find out more about this car, continue reading. After you’ve finished, you’ll have a clearer idea of what it’s capable of.

Mercedes arocs

The Mercedes Arocs has several impressive features to offer. First of all, the Arocs’ 10.7-litre OM470 engine produces 394hp and 1,900Nm of torque. This impressive performance is paired with an advanced 12-speed automated manual gearbox with Power-Shift3 software to provide snappy gear changes and maximum torque. Arocs is tested with maximum ballast, although the difference in weight makes a small impact on performance. The Arocs’ gearbox is smooth and maintains torque smoothly while shifting seamlessly.

The Arocs’ seating position is quite high, enabling drivers to have a clear view of the road directly ahead. It also has huge wing mirrors and a mirrorless camera system called Mercedes MirrorCam. Its high seating position provides a great view of the road ahead, and its wing mirrors are huge and single-piece. This car features many safety features, including automatic emergency braking, lane keeping assistance, and automatic emergency braking.

The engine is a diesel version of Mercedes’ OM 471 engine. This engine delivers 375 kW or 510 horsepower and 2,500 Nm of torque from a displacement of 12.8-litres. This engine covers a wide range of uses and is the first of its generation. It also features a reversing camera. And with an OM 473 diesel engine, you’ll get a smooth ride.

Whether you need a two-axle vehicle, a three-axle vehicle, or a four-axle rigid truck, you’ll find it in the Mercedes-Benz Arocs specs. The Arocs can be purchased in two-axle, four-axle, and eight-axle versions. The cabs are well-built, and the interior is comfortable and easy to maintain.

Besides its specialized features, the Mercedes-Benz Arocs is also equipped with a turbocharged diesel engine. Moreover, it is available with permanent all-wheel drive or a selectable 8×8 configuration. Since Arocs is a commercial vehicle, spare parts are readily available. The base model, the Arocs 4151, has an eight-wheel-drive configuration and is available in various variants.

Mercedes arocs safety systems

Arocs is equipped with the latest generation of advanced safety systems including the Active Brake Assist and Predictive Powertrain Control. These systems offer enhanced visibility and provide drivers with a clear overview of driving conditions. Other features include the Multimedia Cockpit and Truck Data Center. In addition to its safety features, the Arocs also comes with a new rear-view camera that improves visibility. Listed below are some of the most notable features of the Mercedes-Benz Arocs.

The Active Sideguard Assist systems can help prevent collisions with pedestrians or other vehicles. Sideguard Assist automatically detects obstacles in the nearside blindspot, alerting the driver of a potential collision. While previously only available on right-hand-drive Econic models, it is unclear if this feature will become a standard feature on other models. In the meantime, Active Sideguard Assist will be available in select non-EU markets. The new safety assistance systems will start production in June 2021.

The Arocs safety systems vary with the approval class. ABS anti-lock braking system is standard on the Arocs, and electronic stability program (ESP) helps drivers maintain control of their vehicle. Lane-keeping assist and Active Brake Assist 3 are also included in the list of safety systems. Both systems use brakes on all wheels to assist the driver in maintaining control of the vehicle. These systems can also detect obstacles in the road and initiate braking in case of emergency.

The Multimedia Cockpit has been redesigned to give the driver a clear overview of driving conditions. The CC-Microphones display information on the side of the vehicle and on the road ahead. The new Cockpit can also display information on the assistance systems. This system is compatible with all navigation systems and includes a multifunction steering wheel. The Cockpit is mainly glare-free and includes the radio infotainment system.

The Arocs is equipped with a programmable special module for the purpose of ensuring that the vehicle has high-quality engine components and systems. The Arocs is available in two-axle and three-axle configurations. The four-axle version is equipped with all-wheel drive and two steered front axles. It can also be equipped with a cab with additional safety systems.

Mercedes arocs turbo retarder clutch

The new Mercedes-Benz Arocs has a turbo retarder clutch. The second-generation turbo retarder clutch is a fuel-efficient, wear-free clutch that transfers engine power precisely, ensuring smooth starting and manoeuvring at low speeds. The clutch is also fitted with a powerful integrated retarder that reduces the chances of overheating. Among the advantages of this clutch is the reduced wear and tear on the driveline, brakes, and traction systems.

In addition, the Arocs has a unique cab design, allowing the driver and co-driver to have comfort even during long stops. The co-driver seat is fully reclining, and the extra space can be used for a functional work area. In addition, the steel-sprung Arocs SLT comes with a spacious BigSpace cab with a high headroom of 1.99 m. The Arocs’ interior design emphasizes functionality and low maintenance, making it ideal for operations in challenging conditions.

The Arocs’ chassis features a steel chassis frame 834mm wide. Its rails feature a 50-mm-thick hole pattern, which allows easier mounting of the body and later modifications. The rear suspension is eight-bellows air, while the front uses parabolic leaf springs. The eight-wheeler steering system, manufactured by Bosch, features a Servotwin electrohydraulic steering box. This steering box also protects the bottom of the sump and radiator from corrosion.

The Actros’ secondary water retarder provides increased brake power and increased average speeds during downhill stretches. It also reduces running costs. With the Actros, the turbo retarder clutch is combined with a hydrodynamic start-up clutch and primary retarder to provide wear-free starting. The combination of these two components enables powerful, responsive starting and smooth maneuvering, and torque up to 3000 Nm.

The new Arocs uses a European construction spec for strength and low tare weight. Recently, Pye Group in Winchester took delivery of a special version of the new truck with a Turbo Retarder Clutch. It’s been fitted with a Turbo Retarder Clutch, and Simon Vincent has toured the new truck and its performance. Its new turbo retarder clutch is a powerful addition to the proven Mercedes-Benz driveline.

Mercedes PowerShift 3 transmission

The Mercedes-Benz PowerShift 3 is a new automatic transmission available for construction vehicles. Its advanced technology enables it to achieve mpg savings of up to 5%. This new transmission features a light automated system and weighs about 50 kilograms less than a conventional nine-speed transmission. Its new transmission is gentle on the powertrain and offers high levels of shifting comfort. In addition, the HD4-HL4 tandem saves weight.

The Mercedes-Benz PowerShift 3 automatic transmission is the latest generation of the company’s power transmission. Its advanced features provide high levels of driving comfort, precise gear selection, and improved handling. It also uses sensitive sensor technology to detect when you are decelerating on a downhill gradient and retain the engaged gear for maximum braking effect. And, it also offers an intuitive, simple-to-use steering-column lever.

The latest version of Mercedes-Benz’s Arocs and Actros heavy-duty trucks is designed specifically for Middle-Eastern terrain. Middle-Eastern trucks can endure temperatures of up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit and the terrain is notoriously difficult to navigate. Regardless of the terrain, all versions of these trucks can be ordered with inline 6-cylinder engines in four variants. The PowerShift 3 automatic transmission is designed to enhance fuel efficiency while alleviating the burden on the driver.

The Telligent dump truck gearshifts result in a difference of 250 to 300 rpm. The Telligent transmission challenges its computer system with too many gearshifts. The Powershift dump truck’s overdrive can also move the overall gear ratio to 3.52. While it can match the Powershift’s overall results, it can’t compete with it for off-road capabilities. When editors test this transmission on mountain routes, they drive a tandem set of two dump trucks weighing approximately 40 tons each.

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