Freightliner Code SPN 1328 FMI 31 *2022 Learn More!

Freightliner code SPN 1328 fmi 31 information about on our website. If you see the Freightliner code SPN 1328 and FMI 31 on your vehicle, you should know exactly what it means. The code represents an engine misfire and the condition is most likely related to the cylinders number 1 and 2. The problem might be related to a faulty or damaged fuel injector. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to fix the problem and avoid further damage to your vehicle.

Freightliner Code SPN 1328 FMI 31

Freightliner code SPN 1328 fmi 31, A common reason for a Freightliner to display a code like SPN 1328 FMI is a problem with the EPA10 emissions system. To troubleshoot this problem, follow the steps below. To troubleshoot a code, you must first know what it is. The SPN code stands for the name of the fault. SPN 16 stands for engine fuel filter differential pressure, which is measured between the fuel tank and the supply pump. This code is also known as SPN 1382 or Figure SPN16_A and SPN16_B.

Freightliner-Code-SPN-1328-FMI-650x219 Freightliner

If the DPF status light is flashing while the engine is running, the DPF needs regeneration. This process requires an outside location, away from flammable materials. If the DPF light remains out during the regeneration process, the exhaust temperature is too high. To safely perform this task, turn off the engine and move to a protected area.

The fault codes of the Cummins diesel engines are categorized in three lists. The first one relates to the ISB diesel engine. The second list contains the PID and SID codes for the QSK78 engine. These codes are provided by Meritor WABCO. The other two lists contain the fault codes of Freightliner M2 engines.

SPN 1328 FMI Added Note and Fault Codes

If you have noticed the code SPN 1328 FMI 31 on your vehicle, it means that your vehicle has misfired. This code refers to the cylinder number where the engine is misfiring. The condition is present for cylinder number one. However, it continues beyond this cylinder. In such a case, a faulty or damaged fuel injector may be the cause.

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